Ultimate Guide to Choosing Flower Sleeves

Ultimate Guide to Choosing Flower Sleeves

Flowers are used in many occasions and events. They help express affection and love. Choosing sleeves for flowers can be a challenging task. This is because there are many things you need to consider. The budget, color, style, and bouquet arrangement must be taken into account. However, the right choice comes down to your preferred style and personal preferences.


If you want to choose a flower sleeve for your wedding, then you should choose one that complements your wedding dress. Before you even order your flowers, you should have clear picture of how your dress looks like. The shape and style of the bouquet should complete the shape and style of your dress. It should not look unbalanced or hide the silhouette. Whether you want to buy online or in a store, you should have a picture of your wedding dress at hand.

Size and Shape of Flower Sleeves

Flower sleeves are available in all styles and shapes. They range from small to big, overflowing bouquets. The top styles include:

Round Sleeves

These are the most popular and are widely used in weddings. They look stunning with one type of flower. It is advisable to use them for roses. You can also choose any type of flowers as long as they have the same color.


These are also known as a waterfall of flowers cascading downwards. They usually have a lot of greenery such as eucalyptus and vines. Experts recommend them for boho or whimsical dresses. There are also other types of flower sleeves such as hand-tied sleeves and asymmetrical sleeves.


You need to think about the color of your flower sleeves. The trick here is to complement the color of the dress. If you want white flowers, ensure they are of appropriate shape. This is the case if you wear a cream or ivory gown. You should note that dresses in champagne, rose, or gold match only with certain colors. If you are not sure the color to choose, you should consult your florist.


It is advisable to choose flower sleeves you can hold easily. That means you should select the shape and size that is easy to hold. Avoid sleeves that appear lopsided or make you feel awkward. Think of the perfect position to avoid scrunching your shoulders.

Consult Widely

After considering different shapes, colors, and styles, you should consult your florist. Remember a florist is an expert and can help you find affordable flower sleeves. You should get in touch with a florist at least 3 to 6 months before your big day.


Choose flower sleeves that look elegant and timeless. Your bouquet should describe your occasion or event in a glamorous, rustic, and chic way. Remember your bouquet will be a statement piece of all event photos. Thus, you need to have a perfect arrangement of your flowers. By getting the right flower sleeves, you can create an ambience like no other. When choosing the color of your flower sleeves, think of a more colorful and vibrant bouquet.