LED Christmas Light Necklace Expert Repair Hack

LED Christmas Light Necklace Expert Repair Hack

A Christmas holiday is not complete without a light up christmas necklace. People have changed the norm of just decorating the Christmas tree with balls and glitter. One can use a LED Christmas light necklace to decorate themselves or decorate spaces during Christmas. It can be unpleasant if you plan to put on a LED necklace on Christmas day and the necklace stops working suddenly.

A LED necklace does not make sense if it does not light up. The varying collection of colours on the necklace gives it a stunning appearance. Most people think that when a light up necklace stops working, you must get rid of it and get a new one. What if there is a way one can repair it? That is the most fantastic thing that most people would want to know.

Repairing Broken LED Christmas Necklace

Don’t give on the necklace yet. There is still a chance that the light up necklace will work again. The main issue with a LED Christmas necklace is either the entire necklace is not working, or a few bulbs are not lighting up. Lucky for you, the problems are fixable. All an individual needs are expert information on how to go about the repair process. The expert repair hack follows a few straightforward steps that even a newbie can do effortlessly.

Gather necessary tools and materials

To complete the repair task, a person must have specific tools. Repairing a LED Christmas light necklace means dealing with charges since it is an electronic device. Therefore, the person carrying out the task must have protective gear for security purposes. The tools one will need in the process include;

  • A solder
  • Soldering iron
  • Wire strippers
  • Voltage detector
  • Wire cutters
  • Heat shrink tube

Understanding the circuit

Before repairing a light up Christmas necklace, you must understand what kind of circuit you will work with. A LED chain consists of a series of circuits. The circuit series may vary depending on the length of the necklace. With a long necklace, there is a need to connect many bulbs, meaning the circuit may have two parallel series. But for short necklaces, the circuit may have only one parallel series.

Problem detection

Use the voltage detector to check the amount of voltage the necklace has. Check the voltage from the switch all the way around the necklace. When checking the voltage, the button needs to be in ON mode. Measure the voltage between two bulbs at a time. Suppose you realize that there is a wire that does not show voltage that might be the cause of the problem. Identify all the wires that don’t show voltage before you begin fixing them.


Switch off the LED necklace and begin repairing it. With the wire cutters, cut the wires between the bulbs that did not show voltage. Once you cut all the faulty wires, strip off them in the following connection and connect them. That will allow a complete flow of current.


A LED Christmas light necklace is jewellery you can use for a long time. One can use a light-up necklace they had the previous Christmas. They brighten the Christmas holiday theme with their coloured lights. If you repair LED necklace wires that still don’t work, you might consider replacing the bulbs or the switch. Those are tasks that one can complete with a lot of ease.