Factors That Influence The Cost Of A FIFA Player

Factors That Influence The Cost Of A FIFA Player

FUT coins are necessary for the FIFA game. They serve different roles like buying players, packs, getting training coins, and more. When looking to buy coins, for example, for FIFA 22, go for cheap fifa 22 coins. Buying cheap helps you save money for more coins in case you need to accomplish another need. In the game of FIFA, the chance of winning is higher with the right players. Using your coins, you can choose any players from the available leagues. However, the cost of players varies from one to another. We explain factors that influence the cost of a FIFA player.

What influences the price of a player?

Don't expect to buy your players at a similar cost. Some are more skilled and experienced than others, meaning you'll need more coins to have them. The factors are;

1. The league of the FIFA player

All players are usually in leagues that you need to pick them from to form a team. You can select from a single league, but it's advisable to mix them up. This way, you get players with varying skills and abilities. The leagues are ranked on the FIFA ladder, starting from the best to the least. Players in the top leagues go for more coins than those at the bottom. Also, the best FIFA league players will always push the team to victory due to their skills, coordination, and perfect chemistry.

2. The rating of the FIFA player

A high rating means a player has more value than the rest. They are well-informed, have excellent playing skills, and interact well with others. Such players are usually on demand for participation in the SBC or squad building challenges. They appear in these challenges throughout the season, unlike players with low ratings. The rating plus demand of these players put them on a high pedestal where they cost more. Their price and others are quite different, but they bring good returns.

3. The player's reputation

Real life matches have players that stand out more than others. Either through one of their skills or general performance. The FIFA game is no different. Some gamers want specific players and can stop talking about how good they are. They praise their performance all the time and are always in demand. Such players cost more coins than regular players.

4. The stats of a FIFA player

You can tell a player's worth or value by looking at their stats. High stats refer to good pace value, skills, and footwork. It means that the player can be in any position in the field and still deliver good results. Players with such stats are valued and cost more.

5. Supply of the players

When the supply of players is high, they go for a much lower price than when low. This happens throughout the year, so check out for high seasons and buy.


The cost of any FIFA player varies between games or seasons. During the high season, the price will drop and rise during the low season. High-value players go for a higher price due to their stats, reputation, and rating. Also, players on-demand need more coins to buy, so be ready with them to create the best team for your game.