Custom White Gift Box Material Selection

Custom White Gift Box Material Selection

Gifts are a perfect way of displaying appreciation and establishing a unique relationship between the giver and the receiver. Gift packaging is crucial in reflecting the elegance and worth of a present. That's where the gift boxes, like the white gift box with lid, come in. With the need to elevate certain products' value, most companies have invested a lot in packaging. Gift boxes come in different types depending on the size, material, style, and printing method. When choosing a gift box, one needs to consider the box's material. That allows them to pick the best packaging in the market.

Selecting the Right Material for a White Gift Box

There are a lot of materials useful in making gift packaging. Manufacturers have indulged in producing different materials boxes to beat the competition. Customers will be attracted when they have a variety of materials for gift boxes to choose from. As a gift box user, one can determine the right material by considering what they will be packaging in the box. The material for a box that will package heavy gifts cannot be the same as the one for packaging light gifts like jewellery. Here are different white gift box materials.

White cardboard

White cardboard is among the commonly used material to make white gift boxes. This material is firm and portrays the beauty of most paper bags. The cardboard necessary to make a white cardboard gift box needs to be not less than 300 grams to ensure its stiffness. Boxes made with this material can handle pressure from heavy content. White cardboard is a good material if you are looking for cake packaging.

Kraft paper

Kraft paperboard is a product of chemical pulp. The chemical pulp is usually from the process of kraft, which is the operation of changing wood into pulp. Kraft paper has the characteristic of elasticity and resistance to tearing. In case someone is looking to package high-value gifts, Kraft paper is the material to look for in a gift box.

Gray board

For users searching for a gift box with a normal look, the gray board is the material to look for. Although the gray board has a normal look, one can enhance the appearance by providing a finish with binding cloth, pearl paper or leather. Its recyclable nature makes it friendly to the environment. The material is tough to ensure that the content in the box is safe from damage.

Corrugated paper

Corrugated paperboards are also useful in manufacturing white gift boxes. This material has many layers, equivalent to three kraft boards. Boxes with this material are especially useful in heavy packaging items like when shifting houses. In addition, if one is packaging a delicate gift like a laptop or foodstuff, corrugated paper boxes are the right option.

Specialty paper

Specialty paper is a general term used to refer to vast paper types such as coated paper, art paper, card stock paper and others. Specialty paper is a product of combining different materials to generate a new paper. They are a simulation of certain paper types. White boxes made with specialty paper have different finishes, thus appealing to most people's eyes.


With the wide variety of materials for gift boxes, it becomes confusing for most users to select a single material. However, a user should first determine the content in the gift packaging before choosing a material. Different materials also make different box sizes. Choose a material that will make a gift box of your desired size.