Best Inside Cat House You Should Know About

Best Inside Cat House You Should Know About

You might really feel close to your pet if you let them sleep on your bed, or if they stay in your room all the time. However, this might not be the best decision for their growth and upbringing, so it would always be a better idea to give them their own spaces. For cats, the best decision would be to get them their own inside cat house, where they can play around, eat and sleep. In fact, you can even keep a litter inside their houses, giving them a territory of their own.

Aivituvin is one of the best cat house manufacturers, so check out a few models made by them, as well as their features.

Aivituvin Indoor Cat House Product Range

Check out these attractive cat houses at Aivituvin and their features.

1. AIR 41

This two Tier Wooden Cat House is one of a kind, and it comes with a waterproof roofing work and some door flaps. This unique cat house has two floors, and the top floor can easily be slid in and out for easy cleaning. The two large side doors are big enough for your cats to enter and exit whenever they wish to, and play around as they wish. The retro design helps keep your pet calm and comfortable throughout the day.

2. AIR 43

AIR-43 is the perfect insulated cat house if you live in a place with cold, freezing winters. The Styrofoam layers in the wall is perfect for conserving heat and keeping your cat safe and warmed up. The swing door acts as a guard against sudden gusts of wind. The hinged-roof design for this outdoor cat house helps access the house easily for cleaning.

3. AIR 09-B

This is an Outdoor And Indoor Cat House that can be kept both indoors as well as in your garden or backyard. The flat and uniform floor, side stairs as well as the condo-style balcony gives a feeling of extreme comfort and safety to your cat. The upper floor panel is aimed to keeping your pet dry and avoid unnecessary moisture.

4. AIR 33

The Aivituvin-AIR33 Outdoor Cat House comes with solid wood floor to prevent loss of color and luster and protect it from accidental nail scratches. This 2-storey cat house is great for playing as well as relaxing. The package comes with sufficient pictorial manual to make assembly an easy and simple task.

5. AIR 12-B

If you have only a single cat, or want to give your cats individual houses, this is the perfect choice for you. The waterproof paint and the asphalt roof protect your furry babies from harsh weather conditions. The front door and roof are easily openable for cleaning purposes. The waterproof rubber feet feel really nice to the soft paws of cats.

Best Quality And Durability

The cat houses at Aivituvin are made using the best materials, keeping in mind the mental and physical health of your pet. They do not compromise on quality and combine expert craftsmanship with great quality materials for making the cat houses.


If you are looking for a good house for your cat, there is no need to look any further. Aivituvin has the best collection of cat houses for you to choose from. It is the best place where beginner cat parents get their cat its comfy house.